Consultation in reducing energy costs and lower emissions (Stratford Upon Avon)

After receiving an enquiry from a home owner looking for assistance in improving the energy efficiency of their large detached property (Tiddington Road, Stratford Upon Avon), Allen Energy Consultants arranged for an initial client meeting on site.

The client’s priority was to reduce energy bills. The estate consisted of a large detached house with several smaller buildings on site and a heated swimming pool. An additional challenge was the proximity to a scheduled monument.

The next stage of the consultation was to produce an Energy Performance Certificate for the property. This helped identify the current efficiency of the property, along with a better understanding of the situation.

From the EPC, a detailed report was identified as the next step, focusing around a set of relevant technologies delivering greater energy efficiency and reduced carbon generation. Concentrating on some core themes in energy efficiency, the first approach was to consider fabric first elements of the property, specifically highlighting the large glass gabled sections of the property. This was followed by a review against the existing central heating system, and how this could be replaced with low to zero carbon systems. Finally, technologies focused on micro-generation were assessed, offsetting reliance of energy from the grid.

Allen Energy Consultants used their unique experience and knowledge to provide an independent set of recommendations for the client, along with a means for them to move forward with the solutions. The set of recommendations were specific to the property’s situation, with commentary to further considerations of the relevant technologies. Given the main aim of the consultation, the client was advised of how the technologies would improve the average yearly costs associated with energy consumption.  

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