Retrofit Assessment for Midland Heart Housing Association (Midlands)

Allen Energy Consultants Ltd was approached with a local housing authority project. An initial pilot programme of some 60 dwellings were earmarked for a number of energy efficiency measures to improve the overall energy efficiency ratings, as well as a means of reducing the impact of fuel poverty on its tenants. 

Our client required prompt assessment to PAS Retrofit 2035 to enable the project to progress. This included providing a flexible approach and high quality of service in completing the assessments, and multiple assessors were required to meet the expected demand. The project had multiple stakeholders engaged, with Allen Energy Consultants initially offering a sole Retrofit Assessor role to the project.

Initially, assessments were organised based on appointments booked by the installer. As the project progressed it became evident that a more hands-on approach was required, given the level of success gaining entry to the properties. After the first group of bookings had been completed, we discussed with our client how to provide a greater level of engagement to help progress the assessment of the housing stock in the programme. 

With our unique customer focussed approach, Allen Energy Consultants, with its revised mandate, worked directly with the housing association tenant liaison officer, reporting back to our client the progress made. This has led to a recognition by the stakeholders of the reliability that could be placed on us, now, and in future collaborations. 

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